For monthly registration : $10.00 both sides
For semester registration : $20.00 both sides

1.    New students must enter referred by on the registration form
2.    Only one referrer is allowed at a time, no sibling referrals are allowed.
3.    The referral gift card is issued after the first class after registration as a referral student.
4.    The referral gift card can be used for book purchases, instrument rentals, lesson fees, etc. at school.
5.    The referral gift card must be presented at the time of purchase, and purchases cannot be made if the card is lost or missing. The card is not transferable to another person.
6.    The issued referral gift card can be used for 6 months and cannot be used after the expiration date.
7.    The issued referral gift card can only be used once and cannot be split.