Sherry Ye




Washburn University (BM)
New York University (MM)

About teacher

Sherry Ye graduated from NYU in 2021, where she earned her master’s degree in piano performance and pedagogy and served as the adjunct faculty to teach piano lessons and group classes for undergraduate students in the past two years. She graduated from Washburn University, Kansas in Music Performance bachelor's degree in music honor. During the four years undergraduate study, she received professional piano performance training from Dr. Xiaoli Ding; meanwhile, she was also the accompanist for Dr. Yufang Chen’s violin studio. In addition to that, she was also playing in the Washburn Jazz band. In her junior year, she was selected as an exchange student to Belgium for studying electronic music and music production. In 2017, she held a concert tour with singer Shuhua Zheng in Zhejiang, China. As a motivated and passionate teacher, Sherry believes that inspiring the students with a comprehensive and individually-designed course is the most important aspect. Except for focusing on how to play the piano, she also teaches students to appreciate music, help them to keep the passion on it and develop as the independent musicians in their future life.

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