Julia M Veit




Florida State University (BM)
New York University (MM)

About teacher

Raised on a dairy farm in the rural Florida Panhandle, Julia Veit is now based in New York City as a piano pedagogue and performer. When teaching, Julia’s largest and most immediate goal is to create a healthy growing space. To do this, she prioritizes maintaining a positive and energetic environment during lessons, and she creates individualized curriculum for each student. Whether a student is learning classical music or improvising over chord charts, Julia stresses the importance of technique, attention to detail, and practice methods. In this way, her students are able to be independent in the time between lessons, and they gain the capability of learning pieces on their own without risk of injury. As a performer, Julia strives to bring light to new piano works, as well as older under-performed works. Some of Julia's most notable performances include performing works by Leôs Janácêk in Prague and performing the U.S. premiere of Arlene Sierra’s Painted Bunting in New York City. Julia holds a Master of Music in Piano Performance from New York University and a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Florida State University. In her spare time, Julia enjoys reading, exercising, and watching reruns of the Golden Girls.

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